Falles Accident Repair Centre


Repairing your cars since 1926

Falles Accident & Repair Centre is a long established local company you can trust.

Also the location of Falles Van Hire.


Insurer and broker approved:

  • We work with all insurers and brokers to offer you a quality hassle-free service.

With just one call we will arrange the estimate, claim form, repairs and courtesy car.

Our body shop can deal will all kinds of repair or restoration work on any vehicle type or condition.


Car Servicing from only £69.95

Car service includes:

  • Oil change.
  • Filter change.
  • Wash & Hoover
  • FREE Courtesy car.
  • Car Wash Voucher for use at Falles Service Station, Longueville Road.





Falles Snow Chains   Falles Snow Socks

FROM ONLY £67.50 GBP Exc. G.S.T
RRP excluding fitting

Easy to use, they guarantee safety, grip and comfort in the most challenging driving conditions.

Only 9 mm inside clearance due to the short, fine links.

Set of 2 chains.

Sold with: laminated fitting instructions and protective gloves.

Reversible chains for longer life.

Repair links.



From only £84.47 GBP Exc. G.S.T
RRP excluding fitting.

Light and faster to fit than conventional snow chains, they provide maximum traction when driving on snow (thin layer of snow) or ice.

Set of 2 fabric chains.

Weight: 1 kg approximately per bag of 2 chains (0.5 kg per chain, compared with 3 to 8 kg for conventional chains).

Fast drying and hand- or machine-washable.

Time needed to fit 2 chains: approximately 1 minute 30 seconds (compared with 15 to 20 minutes for conventional chains).



Call Today: 01534 49 50 60

La Route des Quennevais, St Brelade, JE3 8FP

This is also the location of Falles Van Hire.


Opening Times

8:00am - 5:30pm: Monday to Friday



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